Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Year, New Resolutions

New year. New resolutions.

Stay healthy. Save money. Travel more. Move out of your parent's house. Experience something new. Write. Create. Finish that damn painting. Write more. Exercise. Play. Laugh.

Be happy.

Find fulfillment.

Seek that which ignites the most burning passions within you.

Embrace change. Embrace the detours. Lean into the curve.

Continue to rise from the ashes you once were. Rise up. And up and up. Always up.

Love. Love yourself. Love others. And do it deeply. Love unconditionally. Fill yourself up with love so that it pours from you and seeps into the souls of those around you. And then let them in.

Breathe. Always keep breathing. In the dark, fill your lungs with the silence and exhale, letting the quiet settle.

Read. Continue to let your mind grow and wander. Get lost. Lost in the stories, lost in the characters. What does this teach you about life? What does this teach you about humanity and being human?

Drink wine.

Smoke weed.

Let yourself go once in awhile.

Shower. Every day. Use soap.